Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Deep Apology

A cold north wind is blowing, shacking the bare branches of the big willow tree.  Far off the sad cry of a wolf is herd, echoing down out of the mountains.  Slowly, imperceptibly, a crescent moon sails across the sky, shedding it's light over the still castle below.  The only sounds to be herd on this cold night, are the wind and the wolf.  Suddenly, the quiet halls of the castle are disturbed by the low creek, of an old side door.  A dark figure crept out of the shadows along the wall, and run quietly up main staircase.  Silently, this strange personage opens one of the heavy oak doors that guard the Great Hall its self, and tentatively picks in.  Then, seeing no one around, he eases him self cautiously into the dimly lit room.  All of a sudden lights blase up, illuminating this shadowy figure.

Hello every one, I'm caught *ashamed, hangs head*. I really owe you all an apology.  I am truly sorry for neglecting you for so long.  Here I invited you back to explore the spiral staircase farther, and I disappear for what a year or two.  Really my dear friends I am truly, truly sorry for my behavior, and I humbly ask your forgiveness.  
Now, to do what I should have done so very long ago, take you down that mysterious spiral staircase.  Thanks to Galaxy we have a lamp, and just encase, I am bringing some matches and candles.  So here we go. . .

The halls are much darker then last time.  Here and there squares of pail, cold moon light shimmer on the floor, and the passage leading to the spiral staircase is pitch black.  The small party reaches the head of the stairs, and cautiously they peer down the steep steps into the darkness.

So here we are, *shivers* it's really dark down there. *gulp*  Every one ready?  Lets go.

Slowly they begin to descend, . . .

step by . .



farther, . . 

and . .


Finally,  the stars end, and they are standing in a small, low ceilinged passage.  

We must be 40 or 50 feet below ground level, -  OH!  OH!!  *waves arms violently* Yuck!!  OH!! *desperate pushing to escape*   


Ok, take a deep breath calm down.  *hostess mumbles to her self*  They're only spiderwebs.  They're only spiderweb.  Alright, I'm alright I can handle it.  *takes deep breath and squares shoulders*  
Lets keep going we can't let mere spiderwebs hold us back.  Right?  Right!

The small group continues along the painfully bare passageway, till they reach a heavy oak door.  Cautiously, the Hidden Princess pulls the door open and pears into the blackness beyond.  Galaxy held her lamp higher so that it's light would show them their path, and as she did a huge dungeon was revealed.  

OOOoooo!  I didn't know this was down here.

Hidden Princess lead the way slowly through the shadowy dungeon.  The ghost of a old idea wavered mournfully on the moldy wall, and gave the hostess a start.  

Don't you think we should head back?  No?  Ok, lets hurry at lest.

Suddenly there is another door in front of them, this one was just as strong and just as heavy as the last, and this one had a terrible hair curling screech in its hinges.   

OH, oh, look!

Sorry this was the best angle I could get.
We're looking out a cave in the back wall.

Pretty, I'm glad you guys made me come I might have never found this place.  I should really take you exploring more often. :P  I hope this made up in part for my long absence and as a parting gift I send you all a lovely butterfly.

So until I write again (hopefully not too long in the future) goodbye and my you all have a blessed day

The Hidden Princess


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  1. Ugh-ugh-ugh-ugh-ugh--!

    Despite, I am glad we continued, undeterred by... *convulses* spider's webs. What a lovely view! (Almost as pretty as the crystal clear moon I could see from your words at the very start) And, thankfully, we've yet to see any actual spiders. (That might be grounds to turn back :| ) I am excited to think of what we might find next!